NYCC’s Lackluster Response to Ticket Problem


Anyone who has been following the blog for more than a few weeks has probably realized that New York Comicon is one of my favorite events of the year. NYCC is responsible in no small part for my current level of geekiness and the existence of this blog. Every year I look forward to the panels, exhibitors, sense of geek community and most of all, a weekend of unadulterated geeking out with my friends. This year however, it looks like I will be venturing to NYCC alone.

Now to be completely fair, I won’t be there entirely alone. There will be nearly 130,000 other geeks attending the convention alongside me, making NYCC one of the largest geek events in the country. By comparison, San Diego Comic-Con clocked in around 133,000 people last year, making it only slightly larger than NYCC 2013. It’s also likely that one or two of my friends will manage to acquire a ticket through various means—though that is by no means assured. The root of this issue is not that my friends are slackers or were caught unaware, but that there have been some pretty serious ticketing issues surrounding NYCC this year. This year, when three day and single day passes went on sale the NYCC website crashed. As a result of this crash, many people who were in the process of buy tickets were locked out and therefore unable to purchase the tickets that were already in their cart. Certainly hundreds and likely thousands of people were denied the ability to buy tickets. Continue reading

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Therefore I Geek Podcast Episode 12, ft. Shane McNulty of Tidewater Browncoats


Our guest, Shane McNulty

Our guest, Shane McNulty

In which, Andrew and Tracy have a surprisingly broad-ranging conversation with Shane McNulty, organizer of Norfolk, VA’s Can’t Stop the Serenity event, “Big Damn Shindig.”  We discuss why geeks should be involved with charities, what’s so great about Equality Now and the local Samaritan House and Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia, and the effect of bullying within the geek community.  That’s all on top of discussing Firefly, the greatest Joss Whedon fanboy moment that never happened, and how to put on a Browncoat event, as well as how much easier events are with entertainers like Mikey Mason. Continue reading

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Editorial | Why I’m Done with George R. R. Martin

There’s been quite a bit of controversy over George R. R. Martin lately.  From what I gather, fans of A Song of Ice and Fire have gone past the normal concern over the wait for The Winds of Winter, the next book in the series, and are making personal comments about the man’s weight, his seeming lack of motivation, and his dedication to his fans.  Apparently, some are even getting very angry about the possibility that Martin may never finish the next installment.   I’m saying “apparently,” because, while I’ve seen considerable speculation about these things, I’ve never seen blatant anger toward the author, nor anyone actually abusing him.  However, with the amount of “counter-backlash” that is circling the internet these days to defend Martin against these possible aggressors, surely some of this does exist. Continue reading


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Saturday Reviews: Nightcrawler #4


Four months ago I remember talking with a local comic shop proprietor, discussing the first issue of the new Nightcrawler series being penned by Chris Claremont. Nightcrawler is the shop owner’s favorite X-Man and we are both fans of the great work Claremont did back in the day, but after the disaster that was X-Men Forever we were both rather skeptical of where this series was going. Four issues later, however, I am completely sold.

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