Winning Science March 27, 2015

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is one of the more terrifying events of the past year. At this point over 10,000 people have been killed by the virus and it has devastated several countries to the point where it will takes years, if not decades to recover. There is thankfully, a bright spot for those working with the disease. Based on new research, it appears that the virus involved in the current outbreak is not mutating at an accelerated rate as was previously thought. In fact, the virus is mutating at about the same rate as viruses from previous outbreaks. While this is a relief for vaccine researchers, it doesn’t leave them worry-free as even small mutations may have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of a vaccine.

This doesn't go well.

This doesn’t go well.

I’m glad to hear this news. I’ve seen Outbreak, I know this doesn’t end well if it mutates. Continue reading

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Developer Spotlight: Mobage/DeNA

DeNAAbout a year ago, I was told I should check out a mobile game called Blood Brothers, which I downloaded and intended to give an honest month’s play to see if it were any good. Almost a year later, I am still playing this game. Like any good mobile app developer, this one advertises their other games on splash screens while loading up, but I paid them little mind (does anyone actually click on those things?) until their latest ad, this one for a game called Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. I was intrigued enough to take a look at all the games this developer has created, and was surprised to see that they carry some pretty big brands. Their impressive list of titles includes Transformers Battle Tactics, Marvel Mighty Heroes, Star Wars Galactic Defense, and the latest Final Fantasy offering from Square-Enix. These names have been known all over the world for decades now, and for one developer to have use of all of these intellectual properties at one time is quite an accomplishment. Continue reading

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Review: Luminae

Given our love for Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, it’s no secret that we here at Therefore I Geek have a propensity for sword and saddle material. (Or now that I think about it, we might just have a fetish for watching Sean Bean die on screen.) Anyway, I have been lucky enough to take a dive into a uniquely styled, fantasy epic called Luminae from Magnetic Press. The brainchild of French artist Bengal, Luminae brings a European sensibility to comics that is refreshing and unexpected.

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Editorial | I’m not a “Star Wars Geek”

I spent the vast majority of this past weekend in the recording studio/Therefore I Geek office prepping and recording for upcoming podcast episodes and planning out the next three or four months.  One of the big projects that we are undertaking is a non-sequential series of episodes with an all geek girl cast, which is incredibly exciting, since it has been a naturally occurring phenomenon that most of our podcast guests and blog writers are male.  In the course of hanging out with the group of girls that will be the guests for these podcasts, and subsequently recording with a couple of them, I found myself getting excited about and reaffirming my affection for a part of geekdom that I had slowly abandoned as I grew up and got away from it. Continue reading


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